What’s the Fantasy Smart PDLC Film Glass?

Smart PDLC Film Glass is a kind of Magic Glass can Transform the transparency,There are two modes:Opaque when power off , and transparent when power on.

It is widely used in Office, Bank,Medical Institutions, Showcase Mall, House,etc. We can make them as

  • Space Partition

    Break the Fixed space, strong effect of extended space,privacy,open,do what ever you want.

  • Privacy Protection

    A key against peeping,intelligent control ,more convenient privacy protection.

  • Touch Screen and Projection

    Family cinema,office projection,one glass gets done!

  • Safe protection

    Against impact, it can effectively prevent glass fragments to splash even if fragmentation.

  • Environmental protection and Sound insulation

    Not only effectively block 99% UV, But also can stop the noise pollution to create a quiet world.

Fantasy PDLC Smart Glass Product Application

The widely Application of PDLC Smart Glass: Office and conference Partition,Villa/Club, Hotel/Bathroom,Sunlight Room, Bank,Airport,High Speed Train,Touch Screen ,Curtain Wall Ads.Motor Homes/Cars, Ticket Lobby, Hospital/Observision room,Yacht and so on.

  • Hotel Bathroom

    Random switch in two modes, it signifies mutual exchange transformer between space and space,enventullay creating a mysterious elegant and ramantic atmosphere,which mathes the romantic and infinite imagination of the hotel bathroom itself...

  • Office And Conference Partition

    Privasy,vision expansion, and smart control endows intelligent and modern office a brand new experience.Not only in functionality ,but also in style and Vision, smart film shows the extraordinary charming.

  • Medical Institutions

    pplication of smart film glass in Special requirement as aseptic intensive care unit and operating room examination window, It both has h as open and Privacy function. It not only avoid...

  • Bank/Financial

    Open and secret features provide safer and more comfortable working environment bank and financial.

  • Villa Home

    Random Switch when power on and off, it creats a different atmosphere for the space.It bring colorful life when installed for villa homes.It adds plently of mystery if for reception and leisure while installed for Clubs ...

  • Projection Touch Screen

    Smart film/glass posses rear projection function in coordinate With use of HD projector,It can present vivid color of the high-definition screen effect, mean while it will achieve touch screen control if combined with infrared ...

  • Shopping Mall

    Easy control, economical,low cost, the window display cabinet products to bring different effect, high-grade and mysterious, improve product safety..

  • Sunshine Apartment

    Good daylighting function and 70% infrared and 98% UV can be shielded.and Can adjust the transparency of the window film by gradient control, make indoor light soft, comfortable and pleasant.

Company profile

Shanghai Fantasy Glass Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Located in Gucun Industrial Park,Baoshan District, Shanghai. Covers an area of about 12000m²
We have modern manuefuture base, and Introduce foreign advanced smart film, the production equipment of switchable film glass and the equipment used for the production of basic smart film, coating equipment and laser cutting equipment. Set up a 100-level dust-free purification production workshop.Ensure the high level, environmental protection and control of the production process. We have a great cooperation with many foreign manufacturers, and Products are exported to the European Union, North America, southeast Asia and all over the world.Company uphold integrity, dedication, pioneering, hard, realistic, innovative enterprise development idea, creates the brand by quality, promoting development with the brand, wholeheartedly for the home and foreign customers with the best quality products and best service.

雾化玻璃 雾化玻璃

STG: electrical poling liquid
Crystal Atomization glass

Dimmer film(STF)
Plastic liquid crystal film

Liquid crystal film(LC-STF)
Self adhering type dimmer film

Why choice us?

  • Technology

    Turbidity≤5%, Visible light transmission≥81%, Leading international mainstream suppliers, American experts, more than 40 patents.

  • Standard

    The First Standard of Smart film galss industrial in the world, we have certification of ISO9001, CCC,and ROHS,etc.

  • Quality

    The Dimming glass can be used for more than 10 years, Aviation laminate glass manufacturing process, No glue failure ,degumming ,burst.

  • Scale

    Modern manufacture base about 12000m², Hundred-level, 10 thousand level, and Million -level Purification workshop

  • sales volume

    One of the world's four major suppliers, No.2 production of smart films in the world.

  • Proffessinal in Dimming glass

    11 yesrs’ history in the industrial.

  • More than 5000 projects

    20,0000 m² successful experiance.

  • Full range production

    More kinds, more colors, and Warranty.

  • Fine processing of 24 lines

    Millions of tests

  • Leading service network

    Covering global integration services

Project Cases Show

  • Zhengzhou Erqi district minggong road dimming glass installa
  • A high-end villa in suzhou dimming glass installation projec
  • Shanghai Inmind Group dimming glass installation project
  • Shanghai Xiexin star square dimming glass installation proje
  • Shanghai jinshan peoples court meeting control center dimmi
  • Shanghai baoshan glass factory project case
  • Hotel Nikko Guangzhou
  • Xiamen Nikko Hotel

Perfect after service

Not only to provide reliable and stable products, but also to provide perfect after-sales service, we can do faster and better!

  • Fast response

    24 hours to answer your call, any questions, 24 hours of telephone support!

  • Best service

    We can do the Foreign construction service

  • Technical training

    We can give the trainning about the Glass Storage, transport, installing ,test, and application notice and so on

  • Consulting Services

    Answer all the information about the smart film , Dimming Glass, and Using questions , and sreive detaills of about products